Monday, November 11, 2019

Organizing beads - Help!

Coming to the end of the year, I am making an attempt to organize my beads.    I've started making these little gourd figures that require a lot of beads.
Having to sift though EVERYTHING to find just what I'l looking for had been very time consuming.
I have some in plastic shoe boxes, some in drawers in baggies.   Yikes!

First pass is to try to at least get similar colors together.   I'm using old lunchmeat plastic containers like this.

The problem appears to be that some of the colors won't fit in such a small container.  
This is an embarrassment of riches, I know.   But I've been collecting these beads for over 40 years and there are a lot.

Anybody have any wonderful bead storage ideas?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Studio in a Closet

I always chuckle when people ask me about my studio.   I WISH!   I have most of my supplies in my guest bedroom.   Maybe these photos will give you some ideas for storing craft supplies.   These are beads stored in a desk area of the room.

I have a 6ft length of laminate counter top set up on kitchen cabinets that I painted so this is a higher workspace than a normal table height.   Much more comfortable for crafting.
This closet is the best part.   On the back of one door are shelves my husband built for my paints and the shoe holder on the back of the other door holds tools and paint brushes.    I have plastic tubs for feathers, shells, antlers, wire, ribbon, basket reed, sea grass, waxed linen thread and Danish cord.

Of course, this isn't everything.   I have tubs of gourds and  boxes of pine needles and my power tools and crockpots for wax and pine needles in the garage.    But at least I am able to close the closet door and clean off the counter top and this room will function as a guest bedroom.  

A dedicated art studio is a dream, but this is working just fine!

Booth Lighting Solution

For years I've tried to come up with ways to light my shelving units for the booth.   I wanted something simple and cheap.  First I tried battery-powered closet lights that you just press and they turn on.   They weren't really bright enough and would not stay stuck to the inside tops of the shelves.  Then some strings of LED lights that turned out not to be even as bright as the closet lights.   Finally, convinced me that it was time to get some real under-counter lighting on these shelves.   Here is how dark my stuff looked at my last show.   Too many shadows.

Here is how the new lighting looks (in my living room).   The product really pops.
Now I'm ready for my next show - Fort Worth Gallery Night at Botanical Research Institute of Texas on University Drive, Sept 7, 2019!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I spent some time today finishing this pine needle basket with beeswax.  I also shot a how-to video of this process.   You can view it here: 

Let me know what you think.   I hope some pine needle basket makers who have never tried this will find this video helpful.

I now have  Txweaver channel on YouTube with two videos.  The first one is how to make cordage out of dried day lily leaves.    Today was full of learning new things about making and managing YouTube videos.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Found some great rocks

So I joined the local Gem and Mineral Club to take their classes and use their great power tools.   This morning the club had a little swap meet in their parking lot and I found these great future pine needle basket centers.   I also met a club member who has a barrel full of what he considers junk agate slices that I can go through.   It was a productive morning!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Purple Valentine

As I was making this little round purple pine needle basket bowl, it wanted to become a heart!  Now it's called Purple Valentine.   I'm even OK with the fact that there is a different number of twists on each side.   Back in my "weaving using a protractor" days, I would never have let that happen.   :)

Drying Pine Needles

I ordered some VERY long pine needles from Pine Lane (Gayle George) in Florida.   The ones from my tree are thick and about 9" long. These are thin and about twice that long! They are beautiful, but green right off the tree.   I want to dry them out some before storing them so they don't mold.   They will remain green for a while, but eventually, exposure to light will turn them a lovely honey-colored light brown.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cinnamon Curves - Pine Needle Basket

This little beauty is called Cinnamon Curves, and I'm shipping it off today to its new home in North Carolina.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Two Gourd Bowls - Flying Agate Fish and Purple Glass

I finished these two gourd pieces this week.   The purple on the top one features a piece of handblown glass I bought from a glass blower.  The bottom one has an agate slice with copper on the back.  With those feathers, I think it looks a bit like a fish!   I love the really soft blue leather I used to create the braid at the top.    A spool of that leather was expensive, but worth it!

It's a little hard to tell from views, but the interior of both of these bowls are bright and shiny colors to match the embellishment on the front. Both of these are now listed in my Etsy Shop--

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Adding an Antler to Pine Needle Basket

So I had this pine needle basket that was kind of twisty (cool), but wouldn't sit without rocking (not cool).    So this week I attached it to this little antler, using it as a stand, and voila - no more rocking.  Here's another view.